• Cold Calling by Qualified Representatives
  • Script Development
  • Survey Development and Completion
  • Executive Roundtable Solicitation
  • Channel Development
  • Trade Show Recruitment and Follow-up

Specializing in High-Tech Telemarketing

We have been in business for over 19 years. The company was founded on the premise that in order for a company to be successful cold calling needs to take place. It is very rare for a sales representative to have the desire and time to pick up the phone to solicit new business.

We are a very technical group that has the ability to engage the prospect, find out their pain, and provide a solution. We then set up Conference Calls, Webinars, Face to Face Meetings, or Executive Roundtables. We collaborate with Marketing and Sales to determine the appropriate script. This process is constantly revisited to make sure that SBK Consulting LLC is in line with the needs of their Clients.

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